• We use a mechanical seal with both sides in carbide, and seals manufactured in Viton (a specialist synthetic rubber compound)
  • Roller bearings: we have also developed new technology in this field, by installing high-temperature 2RS C3 , class H roller bearings as standard on all our pumps
  • All bolts and screws 100 % grade 304 stainless steel
  • Balanced rotor
  • Shaft in friction/fusion 316 L stainless steel, fully covered by the turbine tail portion, so no contact with the pumped liquid
  • Very low intensity, so saves on energy
  • Compatible with seawater and salt electrolysers
  • Extremely quiet
  • Standard P2 anti-explosive capacitors

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PPG 6 mono
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PPG 24 mono
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PPG 24 tri
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