• Long life durability: Available with either titanium or cupronickel tube stacks.
  • 10 year guarantee: All titanium material in contact with pool water has a full 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee.
  • Energy savings: Heat pools up to three times faster than most competitor units, reducing running costs and saving money.
  • Thermostat pockets: Integral 7mm thermostat pockets are provided for easier installation
  • Simple to maintain: The easily removable tubestack and end covers make cleaning and maintenance simple and straightforward.
  • Easy installation: The popular 5113 and 5114 models feature composite end covers and solvent weld connectors for easy installation directly into pool pipework.

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Bowman 5113-3 - Cu/Ni
Item No. 3055010011
Bowman 5113-3 - Titanium
Item No. 3055010012
Bowman 5114-2 - Cu/Ni
Item No. 3055010013
Bowman 5114-2 - Titanium
Item No. 3055010024
Bowman 5113-1 - Cu/Ni
Item No. 3055010037
Bowman 5113-1 - Titanium
Item No. 3055010039

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